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Multiple Pump Systems 

AgRite is proud to partner with Grunfos Corporation, by added their Hydro MPC  system to our line irrigation pump systems.

Why run more pumps than needed, the MPC matches your set pressure and flow. Only running the required number of pumps and varying their speed to meet the customers selected pressure. Includes dry run protection, high/low pressure alarms and shutdown. There are many other setting settings available in the control that can be added to the setup, to match your specific needs. 


The Grundfos Hydro MPC booster systems are made to the very highest standards. Thanks to the CU 352 controller, they handle even the most difficult boosting jobs with ease and accuracy.

All components have been combined with focus on quality and efficiency. The Grundfos Hydro MPC booster systems are designed to last: sturdy, compact units with easy access to all service parts. Grundfos Hydro MPC booster systems can be used wherever additional pressure is required. Each booster model has been designed to meet specific customer demands for capacity and control.

The intelligent cascade control ensures that the optimum number of pumps required to meet the demand runs at any time. Together with the CR with IE3 motors, this makes the Hydro MPC the most energy-efficient solution for maintaining a constant pressure during changing flow demands.


  • Schools

  • Hotels

  • Blocks of flats

  • Irrigation systems

  • Industry

  • Municipal supply systems.

Features and benefits

  • Reliable highly efficient

  • Highly efficient

  • Service-friendly

  • Space-saving

  • Easy to commission

  • Perfectly adapting to the flow

  • Low-flow detection

  • Application-optimised software

  • BUS and Ethernet communication option

  • Large, clear display

  • Menus in plain text

  • Log function.

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