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· Easy system installation.


· Alarm and Status Email notifications.


· Monitors up to 28 sensors.


· Pump and Equipment On/Off controls.


· System flow and pressure monitoring.


· Easy expansion of sensor groups.


· No sensor batteries needed.


· Works on 120 volts or solar power.


· Battery backup available.


· Optional auxiliary equipment monitoring.


· Custom and user select trending options.


· Fast and reliable service and support.


AgWatch Monitoring and Control

Don't need the full blown AgRite system.

Look to AgWatch, simple setup. Easy to use!


Let AgRite remotely monitor your fields, with proven sensors for soil tension, EC, soil temp ,ambient temp and humidity. Optional control and monitoring are available for pumps, flow, pressure and auxiliary equipment.  All viewable on  your smart device or computer.  AgWatch  allows users to select alarms and field conditions to notify them by email or text. AgRite’s advanced trending software utilizing DNP protocol, allows users to track and trend  all current and historical data to the second and can be pasted to a excel file.


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