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Agricultural Controls



Engine Auto Start controller

 Controller    $ 495.00

 Mag pickup $ 190.00 includes 5 foot cable.

The AgControl-9988N automatically cranks, starts and monitors an engine for Overcrank, Overspeed, High Water Temperature and Low Oil Pressure. Any crank timing sequence is accomplished by using the multiple or single crank modes in conjunction with the timer adjustments. A built in speed switch uses a magnetic pickup to monitor engine speed for crank disconnect and overspeed. The bypass timer/logic assures Low Oil Pressure and High Water Temp override during the crank period and an additional adjustable period after crank disconnect. The 9988N expands to as many faults as required by using the Engine Alarm Input/Output. The 9988N monitors the Magnetic Pickup signal for problems during both cranking and running.If a problem is detected the engine will shutdown and the Overcrank and Overspeed LED's will both turn on.




Pump Panels, VFD'S, and Motor Controls

Let AgRite's team become your preferred custom panel project partner - working with you from process control panel concept to manufacturing.  AgRite partners has the ability to handle low volume production runs, as well as highly repeatable high volume production runs.  Custom embedded solutions are available for proprietary designs



AgRite utilizes deep engineering resources across multiple locations to develop a custom process controls solution for you.  New project design begin by listening to what you need and developing the solution to meet your individual specifications.



As a collaborative process, our AgRite team engineers work with you to develop a detailed quote and process control solution design.  Product private labeling is also offered and the ability to customize installation or manual materials that ship with the control system.  Once approved, the project moves into the manufacturing phase.



With access to multiple production locations to serve you, once a purchase order is received, AgRite moves the project into the manufacturing phase which includes developing bills of materials, design schematics and panel layout drawings.  Products are produced in UL Listed panel shops insuring the high quality and attention to detail.


Installation and Field Support:

AgRite process control solutions are backed by the best customer service in the industry and offers additional field services.  Our large engineering team insures you highly responsive service and support.


Custom Agricultural Control

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