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Fertilizer Injection Systems

Our standard fertilizer injection system allow the user to pick which tank and what percent solution of fertilizer is applied to the plant. If at any time the EC level rises above the users set point, the AgRite system will shut off the fertigation and continue with the irrigation event.  After each event the system automatically flushes the pump and the drip lines with clean source water.



When a fertilizer tank reaches 25% the system will send out a message that it's time to refill. Each fertilizer tank has a recirculation pump that runs once a day and before each fertigation event to keep the material blended and solids evenly distributed in the solution. Since the AgRite system is modular, adding the fertigation system is simple as supplying power and connecting the piping.


  • Can be added to most system

  • Auto or Manual mode

  • Work on 120 volts

  • Solutions up to 15%

Complete two tank systems $10,650.00



  • AgRite Fertilizer control panel.

  • Two plastic 250 gallon fertilizer tanks.

  • Two recirculation pumps (one per tank)

  • Skid mounted 45 gph piston injection pump.

  • Three motorized valves.


 Note: Needs 120 volt 20 amp circuit.

 does not include hoses or pipe fittings.

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