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LevelRite sensor


$ 545.00 ea

LevelRite top laser unit, 1 1/2 inch assembly, with weather protective cover and 2 meter cable.


$ 45.00 ea

Adder for liquid float assembly, includes upper 2 inch treaded connection, lower float and  two balls .(one spare)


$ 49.00 ea

2 inch mounting bracket

Courtesy of Soquel Creek Water District

2 inch bracket assembly

Lower float assembly



 AgRite's multi-function LevelRite sensor allows users to monitor tank level up to 25 feet. In liquid applications, simply add your PVC pipe cut to the needed length, and place it in between our  top laser unit and the bottom float assembly. The level is displayed on the local LED screen.  You can Install LevelRite sensor  by inserting it  in a two inch threaded tank or bulkhead fitting. Digital and analog outputs are provided for monitoring and control use.  LevelRite components are chemical safe and perfect for process, fertilizer and water tanks.  With the threaded laser assembly, LevelRite also works great for irrigation gates, hopper levels and other applications.



Temperature/Humidty Sensor



$ 197.50


*specify current or voltage signal.


AgRite's  multi-function temperature and humidity sensor. The MeasureRite sensor allows users to monitor atmospheric field conditions simply and accurately. Available with standard process outputs  along with a mounting bracket and 10 foot cable.


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