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Sage Designs, Inc. released the Pillbox RTU enclosure.  Innovations to design allow for tamper-resistance, one-day installation with minimal footprint, and wind-rating to 90mph with 40w solar & yagi.  Internal construction allows for solar AC or DC power, various radios, and optimization for SCADAPack, Allen-Bradley, Modicon, GE, or other shoebox PLCs.

The SCADAwise Pillbox™ is a self-contained housing for field installation of electronics packages that need protection from the elements as well as unwelcomed attention. Inside, there is up to 3 sq. ft. of panel space with 3’ of mounting DIN rail for mounting equipment and 3’ of wiring Panduit. The equipment panel slides into the cage which allows for easy removal of all mounted components. The bottom of the cage includes a battery tray allowing the removal and service of the batteries without tools for disassembly. The Pillbox’s integral articulated mast is locked in place when the lid is closed, but once opened, can easily be rotated to the horizontal position for access to mast-mounted hardware. Quickconnect fittings make complete removal of all wiring harnesses and components a snap. The open cover provides a convenient tray to hold meters or small parts or diagnostic instruments while you work.



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