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                                    Product Descriptions



                                                                 AgWatch Remote  Farm Control


  Do you need  a basic remote pump and valve control system operated from your smart device?Look no further, our basic remote system allows you to control your operation from your phone, tablet or computer. Select your zones and valves, input your irrigation times and press GO! The pump will start, selected valves will open for the time you inputted. When the irrigation event is finished you will be notified and the system resets for the next time. If any problems occur during the irrigation the AgRite system will notify you via text or email.

                                                 AgRite® OTS 334 fully automated system.


The OTS (off the self) systems offer a completely mobile based automatic system. Using wireless sensor and valves for irrigation and fertigaton control. Our standard system works with up to 8 valves and is expandable to 28 valves of any size. The user has three operation choices.


(1) Copy Cat irrigation system mimics the initial irrigation event of the first valve or zone, and copies that to the remaining valve selected by the user and continues until set points have been reached.


(2) Pulse System allows the user to select on and off duration's of the valves during irrigation event, allowing water migration through the soils until the sensor’s set points have been reached.

This spoon feeding of water and fertilizer keep the nutrients at the root level.


(3) Timed Irrigation allows the user the option of selecting times for each zone or groups of valves to irrigate. Simply enter the your irrigation time and zone, then push start.


Four remote  wireless sensors send field conditions to the controller, which monitors and accumulates the information. The system’s local touch screen control panel allows field user to set up them irrigation strategy on site if needed.


Four discrete outputs are included for pumps and fertilizer control. Along with web based mobile control platform, the panels touch screen also allow you to see and trend all the sensor readings,  and alarms.

                                                         AgVantage Enterprise System

Let AgRite® design and build your company a custom enterprise system to meet your exact needs. Tell us your design parameters and we’ll match them to our full line of wireless sensors, custom controllers and accessories.  With AgRite® you have the flexibility to work with other manufacturer’s sensors and accessories, so you are not limited to a one size fits all solution. Contact us or your local dealer for more information. 


                                                          AgRite Automated fertigation


Our standard fertilizer injection system allow the user to pick which tank and what percent solution

of fertilizer is applied to the plant. If at any time the EC level rises above the users set point, the AgRite system will shut off the fertigation and continue with the irrigation event.  After each event the system automatically flushes the pump and the drip lines with clean source water.


When a fertilizer tank reaches 25% the system will send out a message that it's time to refill. Each fertilizer tank has a recirculation pump that runs once a day and before each fertigation event to keep the material blended and solids evenly distributed in the solution. Since the AgRite system is modular, adding the fertigation system is simple as supplying power and connecting the piping.


                                                           Custom Reports Generator


By adding AgRite's report software you can develop custom reports to meet production or governmental regulations, for well levels, water and fertilizer usage and any other historical data the system accumulates. When ready just push the reports button to either print or email the information.


• Notes.
• The OTS 357 wired system has the maximum of 8 valves and 4 zones with 4 sensors.
• Some systems will require additional equipment to maximize their performance.

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