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Wireless Devices


  • Up to 2 mile range per hop at 2.4GHz - no license required

  • Works great for tank, valve, pump, engine and aux monitoring and control

  • 128-bit AES encryption

  • Solar power with backup power for running overnight*

  • No maintenance / no batteries to change*

  • 5 volt and 18 volt supply for powering sensors

  • Modbus interface provides flexibility - view collected data and dynamically adjust system

  • Low power indication

  • Environmental Protection IP 67 rated enclosure

  • User definable alarming conditions for AI & DI channels

  • Digital I/O mapping - 2 nodes

  • Transmit LED

  • Onboard switch to force transmission

  • Onboard temperature measurement

  • Serial port for modifying settings and sending data

  • Easily integrates with AgRite's AgPac controller - automatic array generation

  • Easy installation - only need to attach local signal wires

  • Easy network setup through FREE configuration software

  • Low power, suitable for energy harvesting applications

  • Viewable signal strength for installation and debugging

  • Fits inside standard 2-inch ID pipe


Solar Node $ 640.00 ea (includes 4 DI, 4 DO, 4 AI inputs)

Data Coordinator $ 625.00 ( coordinator works with up to 16 end nodes.)

Introducing AgRite's WiSI ("Why-Sigh"). WiSI is an all-in-one radio, IP-67 rated outdoor/weather-proof data acquisition and control device designed for rapid deployment to monitor and control remote equipment and sensors.

WiSI feature model has an integrated solar panel, 10-year maintenance-free energy storage and communicates up to a week without sunlight. With a 2.4GHz radio, data is passed up to 2 miles per hop with 128-bit AES encryption.

Standard I/O includes 4 each: analog inputs, digital inputs, digital outputs; 5V and 18VDC instrument supplies for powering sensors or a 4-20mA loop, and an RS232 port. WiSI wireless networks integrate into systems via Modbus RTU. 

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